Advanced Cooling technology for next generation electronics

Nanotechnology based thermal management solutions

Make your electronics cooler, smaller and faster..... 

Miniaturization and escalating density of transistors and other integrated circuit devices has enhanced computing capabilities at the cost of increasing power dissipation across the device, die, and system levels. 

Unless they are cooled properly, their normal performance and longevity can deteriorate, failure rate can increase and it can also results in explosions. 


Synano develops advanced nanofluid based heat pipe solutions which provide superior thermal performance for your electronic equipment.
  • Enhanced thermal performance 
  • Fanless solution
  • Lighter and compact systems
  • Cost efficient
Better cooling will provide freedom to design making thermal management of electronic components least of your worries! 


Application areas for Synano Products are numerous... 

  Synano is supported by the most renowned organisations...

  • tudelft
  • RVO
  • YESDelft
  • lumileds
  • Climate-Kic
  • calyos
  • VDL