Advanced Cooling technology for next generation electronics

Nanotechnology based thermal management solutions

Nanofluid technology...

Synano is developing nanofluid based heat pipes for highly efficient cooling of the high heat flux devices. Nanofluids are suspensions of nanometer sized particles in base fluids like water, Ethylene glycol and other organic/inorganic liquids. These nanoparticles can be made of metal (Al, Cu, Ti), metal oxides (Al2O3) or carbon nanotubes. These nanofluids provide enhanced heat transfer capabilities as compared to base fluid. The thermal performance of heat pipes can increase by 20% with these nanofluids. Therefore, high heat flux electronics can be cooled more efficiently. 

Aluminium oxide and Graphene oxide based nanofluid samples


A loop heat pipe is highly reliable passive heat exchanger used for cooling electronics (Smartphones, laptops, servers). These heat exchangers can be customised according to the needs of the customer product design. With our product the thermal performance of the system is enhanced due to use of nanofluids. High heat transfer performance can facilitate customers to design their products in a more compact manner. Fans are not used in passive cooling thus reducing the energy consumption and noise. 


 An example of heat pipe for cooling of high power LED