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Enhanced cooling with nanocoolants

Improve your cooling with nanocoolants by more than 20%

About us

Fabricants always want their electronics and machines faster, smaller and more efficient. This can only be achieved by better cooling. Improving the architecture of cooling systems is no longer enough. Also the coolants have to improve.


Synano’s nanocoolants provide a solution. The cooling fluids consist of nanoparticles. These particles improve the cooling efficiency compared to its base fluid. The efficiency will improve from 10% to over 70%, depending on the particles and the system. It won’t stop here, every day research is being done to improve the coolants even more!


We are a young and international team, all striving to make the next step in cooling and sustaining the technology growth.



Sana Fateh


Marina Belitskaya

Research chemist

Bart Warmerdam

Marketing and business development


Krzysztof Przybylak

Financial analyst


Alexander Korobko

Physical chemist



Prof. Schmidt-Ott

Chemical engineer, MECS, TU Delft

Expertise in developing new methods of nanoparticle production and new materials based on them. He and his group focus on bringing these new approaches to application.

Prof. Ger Koper

Chemical engineer, TNW, TU Delft

Expertise in Colloid and Interface chemistry with emphasis on Aggregation and Adsorption Phenomena.

Prof. Brian Tighe

Mechanical engineer, P&E, TU Delft

Expertise in theoretical and numerical methods to predict deformation and flow in emulsions, suspensions, and other complex fluids with practical applications.

Tjewei Hu

International Business Management, HES

Expertise in business development and market validation.

Wim Buters

Asperitas Immersed Computing

Expertise in technology, engineering, industrial processes, business development and commerce.


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We are always looking for more people. Check Vacancies for possible projects.